Training 100 Youths in 5 DS Divisions

Project Training 100 Youths in 5 DS Divisions
Project Areas Thunukkai DS Division, Maritimepattu DS Division, Madu DS Division, Manthai West and Poonahari DS Division in Mulaitivu, Mannar and Kilinochchi Districts
Duration July 2012 to October 2013
Funded byUNICEF
Project CostLKR. 2,760,000.00
Project ObjectiveTrain 100 youths on construction of rain water harvesting system in 5 DS in the district of Mullaitheevu, Mannar and Kilinochchi Districts
Outputs of the Project
  • Conduct a ½ days classroom session with step by step instruction for construction to all 100 youths.
  • Conduct on- the- job training on construction of 8000 liter Ferro cement rain water harvesting system with a 100 youths for 5 days.
  • Construction of 10 x 8000 liter Ferro cement Rain water tank with 2 lengths of gutters, first flush, filter and plastic lid. Ten masons are given hands on training on construction of rain water harvesting system.
  • Give each trainee a manual on rain water harvesting.
  • Give Iron frame needed to construct the 8000 liter tank to each trainee who completed the training program to be shared between 2 people.
  • Award a certificate given to each trainee who completes the training program.
Locations of Demonstration Rain Water Harvesting Systems 1. Mullaitivu DS Division
a. Vocational Training Center ( 2 tanks)

2. Thunukai DS Division
a. DS office Thunukai
b. GS office Mallavi, Aninchchiyankulam

3. Madu DS Division
a. Madu Divisional Secretariat Office
b. Periya Pandivirichan School

4. Manthai West DS Division
a. Vidathalthievu Pradesiya Saba
b. Fisherman Society Building Vidathalthievu

5. Poonakary DS Division
a. Poonakary DS office
b. KN/Sunavil G.T.M.S

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