Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems at Wahalkada, Kebethigollewa village in Anurudhapura District

Project Areas Kebethigollewa Village, D6 Wahalkada in Anurudhapura District
Duration1st October 2017 to 31st October 2017
Funded byRotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School
Project CostLKR. 395,120.00
Project ObjectiveTo promote rainwater harvesting systems as a practical, disaster resilient water supply option for dry zone areas by demonstration and building capacity of community on rain water harvesting.

Objective 1: Demonstrate and provide disaster-resilient water supplies to vulnerable communities in war affected and dry zone areas of Sri Lanka.
Project ActivitiesObjective I
  • Beneficiary selection
  • Awareness Program for beneficiaries
  • Construction of 4 rain water harvesting systems (storage and/or recharge) in rural homes
  • Operation and Maintenance program


Activity 1: Implementation of 5,000 L Domestic RWHS in Kebethigollewa

Four beneficiaries were selected out of the 8 requests received by LRWHF from the community.

  1. Mrs. S. Jeewarani
  2. Mrs. Sithara Sujani Dayaratne
  3. Mr. R. Ariyadasa
  4. Mrs. Renuka Kumari Herath

Four Rain water harvesting system consisting of 5,000 L PE tank, base, gutters, first flush system and filter construction was completed on the 6th of November 2017.


  • Heavy rain during the construction of RWHS.
  • Delay in delivery of one PE tank due its un-availability in the factory.
  • Hardware in the village did not have some PVC items. The items not available were ordered from nearest hardware store.

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