Installation of a 10m3 Rainwater Harvesting Systems in “Purana Gal Len Temple, Mahakachchikudiya, Vavuniya Districts in Sri Lanka”

Project Areas Purana Gal Len Temple Mahakachchakody DS in Vavuniya District
Duration18th October 2016 to 15th November 2016
Funded byDr. W. Wijeratne and Mrs. Chandra Wijeratne

Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum
Project CostDr. Wijeratne = LKR 45,000
Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum = LKR 45,000
Total Project Cost = LKR 90,000
Overall ObjectiveThis project proposes to establish a 10,000L RWHS in Purana Gal Len Temple in Mahakachchakody DS area in Vavuniya District through raising awareness, demonstration and training.
Specific Objective1. Ensure that a RWHS (10,000L storage tanks) is constructed to the required standards and on time.
2. Train household on Operations and Maintainance of RWHS

  • Materials are supplied for the site, on 18th October 2016.
  • Construction of Rain water harvesting system consisting of 10,000 liter Ferrocement tank, 2 sets of gutters, first flush system, filter and tap started on 19th October and completed on 25th October 2016. Dimension of tank is 8 ft height, base radius is 3 ft. Customized designed tile given for print on 2nd November 2016 and will be pasted on the RWH tank on 12th November 2016.

  • Operation and maintenance program:



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