Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems at Mahakachchakody village in Vavuniya District

Project Areas Mahakachchakody DS in Vavuniya District
Duration26th May 2017 to 25th July 2017
Funded byInitiatives in Development of Entrepreneur Approaches and Strategies (IDEAS)
Project CostIDEAS = LKR 364,500
Total Project Cost = LKR 364,500
Overall ObjectiveThis project proposes to establish 5 RWHS in households in Mahakachchakody DS area in Vavuniya District through raising awareness, demonstration and training.
Specific Objective1. Awareness program for selected beneficiaries.
2. Ensure that 5 RWHS (8000L storage tanks) are constructed to the specifications stated in annex to required standards and on time.
3. Train households on Operations and Maintainance of RWHS

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