Rain Water Harvesting Systems for selected schools in Changani in Jaffna District

Project Areas Changani DS in Jaffna District
Duration26th May 2017 to 30th October 2017
Funded byWorld Vision Lanka (Guarantee) Limited
Project CostWorld Vision Lanka = LKR 3,379,200
LRWHF = LKR 306,000
Beneficiary Contribution = LKR 185,000
Total Project Cost = LKR 3,870,200
Overall ObjectiveThis project proposes to establish 5 RWHS in Schools in Changani DS area in Jaffna District through raising awareness, demonstration and training.
Specific Objective1. Manual on RWH for Jaffna District.
2. Establishment of 30,000 Litre RWH Systems in Schools.
3. Training on Operations and Maintainance of RWHS

Activity 1:  Manual on RWH for Jaffna District

  • Translation of “RWH manual for Jaffna” to Tamil language started on 02nd June 2017.

Activity 2: Establishment of 30,000 Litter RWHS in school

  • Visited 05 following schools in Changani DSD

1. J/Chulipuram North Aarumugam Vidyalayam

2. J/Chulipuram East A.M.T.M School

3. J/Vattu Karththikeya Vidyalayam

4. J/Moolai A.M.T.M.School

5. J/Kaddupulam G.T.M.S

  • Conducted  2 awareness programs to parents and teachers at Changani DSDAwareness program was held at J/Moolai A.M.T.M.School on 05th June 2017 ( 19  Female , 05 Male and total 24 participated )Awareness program was held at J/Chulipuram East A.M.T.M.School on 22nd  June 2017 ( 19  Female , 01 Male and total 20 participated )

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