Clean Drinking Water Source for Communities Affected with Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown-etiology (CKDu) through Rain Water Harvesting

Project Areas Mahakachchikodiya, in Vavuniya South Divisional Secretariat of Vavuniya District in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka
DurationJune 2016 to November 2016
Funded byKorea Green Foundation
Project CostKorea Green Foundation: USD 5,000
LRWHF: USD 1,940
Beneficiaries: USD 1,280
Total Project Cost: USD 8,220
Project ObjectiveProject object is to introduce and promote sustainable and safe drinking water option for communities affected with Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown-etiology (CKDu)
Project Activities
  • Awareness program on rainwater harvesting and its advantages with community and officials in the village
  • Selection of Beneficiaries
  • Construct 12 Roof Rain Water Harvesting Systems (RWH) to selected beneficiary households
  • Training on Operations and Maintenance of RWHS to Households

  1. Awareness program on rainwater harvesting and its advantages with community and officials in the village was held on 9th June 2016.

2. Selection of Beneficiaries:

Beneficiary NameVillageNumber of ChildrenNo. of Family MembersPerson responsible for water collectionDiseases caused by waterDrinking source of waterDistance to the source of water
Mr.Nihal JayathissaMahakachchekodi24Wife and children kidney infectionOther1500m
Mr. R. Sarath ChandrambandaMahakachchekodi---Family member deceased due to CKDU--
Mrs. J. AnulawatheeMahakachchekodi25ChildrenCKDU Other2km
Mr. B. ChandrasekaraMahakachchekodi02WifeCKDUPrivate well-
Mr. S. IlangasingheMahakachchekodi24HusbandRenal calculus, CKDUOther2.5km
Ms. Udayarege DayawathiMahakachchekodi36WifeCKDUOther0.5km
Mrs. B. M. PemawatheeMahakachchekodi24HusbandCKDUTube well300m
Mr. U. M. Somawathee NimalweeraMahakachchekodi35WifeUrine infectionsOther1km
Ms. K. G. Nilushi DevikaMahakachchekodi35WifeUrine infectionsTube well75m
Mrs. Seeralage SwarnalathaMahakachchekodi35ChildrenFamily member deceased due to CKDUOther2km
Mrs. M. premawathiMahakachchekodi15ChildrenFamily member deceased due to CKDUPrivate well4km
Mr. U. M. SomawathiMahakachchekodi35WifeFamily members deceased due to CKDUOther1km

3. Construction of 12 Rain Water Harvesting Systems for selected beneficiary households in Mahakachchikudi GND, Vavuniya District, Sri Lanka (07/2016-10/2016).

4. Training on Operations and Maintenance of RWHS to Households (11/2016).

  • 12 Households and their family members were made aware on importance of rain water harvesting and how to operate and monitor the newly built rain water harvesting system.

5.Survey on monitoring RWHS usage and health effect was conducted at 12 households, the following details given below were identified:

  • Major drinking water sources and their accessibility prior to the project
  • Water Treatment Methods prior to the Project
  • Number of individuals afflicted by water borne diseases in each household
  • Level of Usage of Rain Water Harvesting Systems and difference in quality of life post RWHS implementation

Survey findings:


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