Introduction of RWHS for Schools in Chavakachcheri & Changani in Jaffna District

Project Areas Chavakachcheri and Changani DS in Jaffna District
Duration05th May to 31st October 2016
Funded byWorld Vision Lanka (Guarantee) Limited
Project CostWorld Vision Lanka = LKR 4,401,000
LRWHF = LKR 148,800
Beneficiary Contribution = LKR 144,000
Total Project Cost = LKR 4,693,800
Overall ObjectiveThis project proposes to establish 8 RWHS in Schools in Chavakachcheri and Changani DS area in Jaffna District through awareness raising, demonstration and trainings.
Specific Objective• Feasibility survey of selected schools
• Awareness on rwh to parents and teacher of the school
• Construction 30,000 liter ferrocementrwhs
• Training on operation and maintenance of RWHS

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