Install Rainwater Harvesting Systems Lenadivulwewa and Halabagaswawe Villages in Madawatchchiya – Anuradhapura District in Sri Lanka

Project Areas Lenadivulwewa and Halabagaswawe villages in Madawatchchiya Anuradhapura District
Duration1st January to 31st July 2016
Funded byNew Zealand Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka (SPUR NZ)
Project CostLKR 720,000
Project ObjectiveInstall rain water harvesting tanks of 8000 L capacity in 10 households
Project Activities
  • Awareness program to community
  • Construct 10 RWHS of 8000 L capacity
  • Train households on operational and maintenance of RWHS

1. Awareness program to community was held on 14th March 2016. (10 beneficiaries participated)

2. Construction of 10 RWHS to households in Halabagaswawe Lenadivulwewa village

10 Rain water harvesting systems consisting of 8,000 liter Ferro cement tank, gutters, first flush system, filter and tap was constructed at Halabagaswawe Lenadivulwewa village.

3. Training on Operations and Maintenance of RWHS

Conducted training program on operation and maintenance of rain water harvesting system on 22nd July 2016 (8 beneficiaries participated)

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