Promotion of RWH among Chronic Kidney Disease Effected families living in Mahakachakodi in Vavuniya District

Project Areas Mahakachakodi GN division in Vavuniya south D.S division in Vavuniya District
DurationAugust – October 2014 (Phase I)
February - April 2015 (Phase II)
Funded byJapan Water Forum
Project CostUS$ 6,000
Project Objective
  • Overall objective - The overall objective of this project is to introduce and educate the people concerned on the benefits and expediency of rainwater harvesting to meet their water needs.
  • Specific objective - Improve the health of community due to drinking uncontaminated water
Project Activities
  1. Creating awareness on rain water harvesting technologies to the community
  2. Select households to install the RWH system in consultation with the local community and authorities GramaSewaka (village administrator). Following selection criteria will be used to select the households for installation of the system: people who are living in the areas where the ground water quality is poor/below required standards ( High fluoride levels), people living in the areas where water borne disease is high ( CKDu) , number of children, woman headed households, vulnerable groups etc.
  3. Install 14( 7 during phase 1 and 7 during phase 2) number roof rain water harvesting tanks of 8000 liter capacity. Average rainfall for Vavuniya district is1100mm.An average roof area of 50 m2 will provide a household with 50 liters of water per day with an 8000 liter tank during the driest period from May to September. This will serve a household with 5 people a minimum of 10 liter per day per person for drinking and cooking during the driest period.
  4. Training and building the capacity of the community to operate and maintain the rain water harvesting system.
  5. Training on 2 masons from the area to construct RWHS.

Rainwater Harvesting System for Chronic Kidney Effected Area in Vavuniya District, Sri Lanka (Phase I)

1. Beneficiary


2. Situation with the Beneficiaries

Their main income source of the beneficiaries is though Agriculture. Some members of the households are employed as civil service officers  from  the time of  the civil war. Most of the dug wells in the village go dry during the dry season from July to October (Figure 1). And during this time they face many hardships obtaining drinking water. High number of Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology thought to be caused due to drinking bad quality water is also reported from this village.

Drinking Water sources: 7 tube wells (one is damaged) and dug wells which has gone dry during the dry season.

Figure 1: Dried up well during September 2014

Road to Mahakatchchkody Village Environment at Mahakatachkody

3 .Constructed 7 Rain water Harvesting systems in Mahakarchchkody Village

4. Operation and Maintenance Training to households

Each households constructed with rain water harvesting system was trained on how to operate and maintain the rain water harvesting system on the 8th December 2014. The training was conducted in the class room as well as at the location of rain water harvesting system. Many question were raised by the households regarding water quality, durability .


5. Training of masons

One mason selected from the village was trained on construction of RWH system. He received hand on training on construction of the RWH system. He participated for construction of 3 RWH systems. The name of the mason trained Mr A. Samantha,  (0770315110).

Rainwater Harvesting System for Chronic Kidney Effected Area in Vavuniya District, Sri Lanka (Phase II)

LRWHF received further 90 households requesting to install RWH system. Out of these priority was given to household which had kidney disease patients and 7 households most urgently in needed of clean drinking water was selected.   The selected beneficiaries and their details are;


Construction of 8,000 liter Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Rain water harvesting system consisting of 8,000 liter Ferrocement tank, 2 sets of gutters, first flush system , filter and tap was constructed in 07 households in Mahakatchchakody village during the month of April – May 2015. The households contributed during the construction by providing sand, valence board for placing the gutters, food and accommodation for the masons and unskilled labor support during construction.

Operation and Maintenance Training to households

A book let containing instruction for Operation and maintenance of the system  was given to each households constructed with rain water harvesting system.  A formal operation and maintenance training program was conducted on the 22nd May 2015.

Training program include

  • How and when to clean the roof
  • How and when to clean the gutters
  • How to construct the filters and when to clean it
  • How to operate the first flush
  • How and when to clean the tank
  • To keep the tap and tap stand in good condition
  • How to check for leaks in the tank

Operation and Maintenance Training to households constructed with RWH system 22nd May 2015

Beneficiary Experience of Rain Water Systems

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