Pilot Project to Introduce Drip Irrigation Practices with Rain Water Harvesting

Project Area 2 villages in Anuradhapura in North Central dry zone province of Sri Lanka
Duration 2005 - 2006
Funded by International Development Enterprises (IDE – UK)
Objective To introduce the rainwater harvesting technology with drip irrigation methods to address water scarcity for domestic and home gardening in the dry zone provinces of Sri Lanka.

Outputs of the Project (at the completion – November 2006)

  1. Two person travelled to IDE office in Tichy to undergo a training on use of drip irrigation kits
  2. 25 drum kits and 25 kitchen garden kits were purchased from IDE India
  3. 2 villages where rain water harvesting is been practised were selected in Anuradhapura district
  4. From each selected village 9 and 3 households were selected to carry out trials
  5. 2 of awareness programmes carried out in the villages
  6. 2 training programs conducted in the villages on use of drip kits
  7. 12 trail systems were established with 3 different crops, Chillies, Bringal and Okara
  8. One Demonstration plot established in National Water Supply and Drainage Board Resource Centre Anuradhapura

Photo Gallery

On site training for farmers of Drip Irrigation

Chilli crops irrigated with drip system at Kurundamkulama, Anuradhapura

Chilli crops

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