Establishment of a Rain Water Harvesting System at Royal College, Colombo

Project Area Royal College, Colombo 7
Duration August 2010 (Project Completed)
Funded byRoyalty Pledge Management Committee, Royal College Union (Behalf of Royal College, Colombo 7)
  • Collect water for home gardening
  • Promote green concepts among students
Design of the RWH System
Rain fall:Annual 1,700 mm
Roof size:59 m x 11 m = 600 m2
Distribution line: Estimated 170 ft
Water requirement: Gardening
Estimated supply of water per day during dry period: From Total 16 m3 (16,000 liter) of capacity tanks = 1,350 per day
Specification of RWH Tanks
Tank capacity and Type: 2 tanks of 8 m3 (16,000 liters), Ferrocement tanks with a brick base (2ft height) for each tank (Picture 3)
Down pipe: Water Supply from down pipe to tanks of 4” pipes estimated length 40 m (Picture 1)
First flush & Plug:First flush of 4” pipe with plug (Picture 2)
Over flow & Washout: Over flow directed to drain Washout from each tank is accessible from drain (Picture 4)
Distribution pipeWater distribution pipe from tanks to vegetable garden ½ “ pipe estimated length 60 m

Picture 1 - Down pipe line

Picture 2: First flushing plug

Picture 3 - RWH Tanks

Picture 4

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