Outcome of the workshop to discuss the content of the publication on rainwater harvesting


The workshop was held on 30th January 2008at CHPB conference hall, No.33, Sunil Mawatha, Palawaththa, Battaramulla. The experts of related field were invited. Lanka Rain Water harvesting Forum organized the above workshop in order to pool the thought and idea of the experts on rain water harvesting in Sri Lanka for designing a booklet on “Rain Water Harvesting in Sri Lanka”.

The workshop and the booklet is sponsored by SRIWASH.

The workshop was attended by many experts in the filed of rain water harvesting there were researchers, practitioners, implementers and professionals. The group was divided into 3 and each group was given a chapter to discuss, recommend and give suggestion to be included in the booklet. The groups then presented their discussion points and they were further discussed with in the larger group.

Group 1 discussed the following section.

Part I: Why Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Use?

This includes the following themes

  1. Introduction
  2. Need for rainwater harvesting
  3. Basic principles of rainwater harvesting
  4. Global rainfall data

Group 2 discussed the following section.

Part II: How to harvest Rain water?

This includes the following themes

  1. Rainwater harvesting systems
  2. Designing rainwater harvesting systems
  3. Materials and construction of tanks
  4. Usage and maintenance

Group 3 discussed the following sections.

Part III: Economic and Social Aspects of RWH systems

This includes the following themes

  1. Economic considerations
  2. Social aspects

Part IV: Case studies

Lighting the oil lamp by guests

Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda, Director,
LRWHF address the gathering

Prof. C. S. Weerarathne, Director,
LRWHF diliver a presentation

Mr. Niel Perera (Helvitas)
deliver a presentation

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