Press Conference on Rainwater Harvesting


LRWHF called a press conference in Matara to inform the media and people in the south on rainwater harvesting and the progress of current project in Galle, Matara, Hambantota. Twenty-nine media personals were attended on 08/02/2008 from several mass media institutes who represents T.V / Radio and News Papers.

Ms Tanuja Ariyananda, Director LRWHF explained the activities carried out from the LRWHF and how we introduce economical rainwater harvesting systems to the society.

She also introduced history of RWH in Sri Lanka and how other developing and developed countries do RWH.

Prof. Weeraratna introduced the rainwater harvesting policy in Sri Lanka and why we need such a policy in to our developing Island. How much cost government bare to deliver purified water in to the households and how much we can save by harvesting rainwater and help the country.

Mr. Lahiru Perera, Chairman LRWHF explained the importance of collecting rainwater as a household. He explained these rainwater harvesting systems are given in free to the beneficiaries with minimum involvement of the beneficiary. But as Sri Lankans we should feel the importance of RWH and initiate the interest to have RWH system and save the money that we spent on purified water distributed by national water board Sri Lanka. Other wise LRWHF cannot keep giving Rain water systems in free to the society. But LRWHF always dedicated to give the technology and LRWHF will keep educating the people on RWH.

Mr. Nuwan Asanka, Coordinator LRWHF illustrated the progress of RWH project in the South. From the March 2006 to Feb. 2008, LRWHF established more than 1800 RWH systems in the south. Eight Resource centres were established in order to attend inquiries from the beneficiaries. Schools and Religious places were taken for this.

Mrs. Iresha Jayasooriya, Sociologist and S.W. Rajapaksha, Chemist from National water board explained how National water board use RWH systems in High mountain areas. They further explained future water crisis could only be diluted by RWH in every house.

Media personals raised some questions in Q and A session. They also realized this RWH concept is very important concept and they have a responsibility to reign the concept in the society.

Prof. C. S. Weearathna address the conference

Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda address the conference

Mr. Nuwan Asanka (Project coordinator)
address the gathering

A section of the audience

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