National Rain Water Harvesting Policy Launched

National Policy on Rain Water Harvesting was officially implemented on September 27, 2005. The Policy document was handed over to Prime Minister Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksha by Minister of Urban Development and Water Supply (MoUD & WS) Hon. Dinesh Gunawardena at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Deputy Minister for MoUD &WS Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, Secretary to MoUD&WS Mr. Thosepala Hewage, Chairman of National Water Supply & Drainage Board Mr. Lal Seneviratna, Director General of Urban Development Authority Mr. Prassana de Silva, Executive Director and Board Directors of Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda and Dr. C.S. Weeraratna respectively and other members of the Steering Committee for Formulating the Rain water Policy also attended this function.

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The main objective of the National RWH Policy is to order to ensure that the ‘City of Tomorrow’ applies Rain Water Harvesting broadly, by the control of water near its source, in its pursuance of becoming a ‘Green City’ in the future.

In addition the policy will make rain water harvesting mandatory, yet introduced in phases, in all areas under Municipal and Urban council jurisdiction within a prescribed time period, as will be prescribed in law, for certain categories of buildings and development works, and shall be strongly promoted in all Pradeshiya Sabha areas.

Introductory Seminar

An introductory seminar was held at Sausiripaya, Colombo on the 27th September 2005 to raise awareness on rain water harvesting concept and policy. It was attended by officers and from many ministries and department as well from the provinces.


A Secretariat for Rain Water Harvesting is also set up at 6th Floor of Sethsiripaya at the Ministry of Urban Development and Water Supply.

The RWH policy is implemented by the RWH Secretariat of the Ministry of Urban Development and Water Supply and the National Water Supply and Drainage Board jointly with the Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum.

 Download the Policy Document (PDF in English)

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