RWH tank handover ceremony at B/Galauda Maha Vidyalaye, Badulla

In celebration of World Water day 2019 a ceremony took place to commemorate the handing over of a 30,000 litre Rain Water Harvesting System to Galauda Maha Vidyalaye in Badulla on 28th March 2019. Mr. Reed J. Aeschliman, Mission Director, USAID Sri Lanka & Maldives, Zonal Education Director, Kandakatiya , NGO secretary, Badulla and Dr. Tanuja Ariyananda, Chief Executive Officer of LRWHF, USAID and LRWHF staff, teachers, students and parents attended the event.

Mr. Reed J. Aeschliman thanked the LRWHF team for their efforts and stated that “Rainwater harvesting is an important method to access clean water, especially in light of the severe droughts and floods that have affected many parts of Sri Lanka in recent years.  For me, it is fascinating to know that these rainwater harvesting techniques were used by ancient Sri Lankan kings, and are still valued and used in local communities”.

An art exhibition was also held at  this school. This art completion was organised with the help of Kandakatiya education zone. Twenty three schools in Kandakatiya zone participated, whereas 160 children displayed their talent at this exhibition. It was conducted for three age groups,  they were, Junior level (Grade 3/4/5) , senior level i (Grade 6/7/8/9) and senior level ii (Grade 10/11/12) . All winners were appreciated with a certificate and a USAID logo bag, books, pen and DSI vouchers.

Winners of each category are as follows:

Junior level

  1. M H F Hasara – Grade 05 – B/Nooraniya Muslim Vidyalaye
  2. W K A Sismike Chamodh – Grade 04 – B/ D S Senanayake Primary School
  3. B M G Jami dinandi – Grade 04 – B/ D S Senanayake Primary School

Senior level i

  1. M Ashim Ahamed – Grade 09 – B/Nooraniya Muslim Vidyalaye
  2. M S F Sifna – Grade 07 – B/Nooraniya Muslim Vidyalaye
  3. G R Sethumi Sagandi – Grade 07 – B/Maliyadda Maha Vidyalaye

Senior level ii

  1. D M Tharindu Dananjaye – Grade 12 – B/Galauda Madaya Maha Vidyalaye
  2. M J M Ifthikar – Grade 11 -B/Nooraniya Muslim Vidyalaye
  3. M J Rammathulla – Grade 11 – B/Nooraniya Muslim Vidyalaye


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